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About Us

GRS Coating Services, LLC is a custom job shop, this implies that your parts are given the utmost attention to detail and quality.
The basic rule of thumb is, “If I wouldn’t be proud of it, why should I expect you to be”.

We now offer a total of 7,500 different colors and textures from 3 different powder coating producers and suppliers. We are amazed at the rapid ascent of the powder coating industry, it was only 8 years ago that the colors were only in the 10-20 total area. GRS basically started in my parents garage in Rostraver Twp. in 2005 doing parts for my fathers race car with a little hobby gun and a small oven, coating and coating parts until they had no blemishes anywhere in search of the ultimate crystal clear working finish. Forward 8 years later and now outgrowing our third location after countless hours of trying to perfect wether it be customer service, media blasting, powder coating, ceramic coating, final packaging and processing I feel we have become the coating specialist that new, previous and repeat customers come to when they want something coated or media blasted the correct way with no shortcuts, excuses, or exceptions. GRS has been built upon Honesty, Integrity, and Quality – something that alot of other companies say they understand, but they just don’t follow thru with. Our machinery consists of a 6x6x15 oven able to do not only powder coating, but able to achieve the 700* curing temperature for ceramic coating. 2 Kool Koat/ ITW Gema 3.0 DPW powder coating guns, 1 350lb media blasting pot able to use all types of media from; Sand, Crushed Glass, Back Beauty, Iron Oxide, Aluminum Oxide, Starblast, Plastic, Corn Cob, Walnut Shell and Soda. 1 4x4x4 media blasting cabinet/12×25 blast room able to use the same products as the blasting pot. 1 10x10x20 6 filter dust booth. We are able to powdercoat materials such as: Cast Steel, Cast Aluminum, Cold/Hot Rolled Steel, Extruded Aluminum, Billet, Chromoly, Titanium, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and even some Plastics! At GRS Coatings I hope that we are fortunate enough to prove to you the type of work you expect, demand and strive for. The basic rule of thumb is, “If I wouldn’t be proud of it, why should I expect you to be”.

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